The John Scott Saga

There’s a chaotic evil to the Internet that occasionally – very occasionally – reveals something good, despite all the bureaucratic efforts to squash it. And that’s exactly what happened this past weekend in Nashville with the NHL All-Star game.

John Scott is not a good hockey player. But he’s not a good hockey player the same way Judou El Moctar is not a good runner. Continue reading “The John Scott Saga”

You Will Never Be Innovative

An 11-year-old Helen Keller wrote a short story The Frost King. She was later accused of plagiarizing the book from the story Frost Fairies by Margaret Canby. Given the details, it’s likely that Keller’s story was, at worst, fan fiction — certainly not deliberate plagiarism. It’s more likely that Keller had the story read to her as a young child and it subconsciously influenced her story. Continue reading “You Will Never Be Innovative”

You’ve got to keep your dignity intact

I used to see a therapist — each week for a few months. Over the course of our sessions, we agreed I most likely suffered from something called Dysthymia. The purpose of the meetings wasn’t a diagnosis, but it was a good way to summarize what I was dealing with.

If depression is a freight train from out of nowhere, that visits occasionally to level you for days or weeks at a time, dysthymia is The Little Engine That Says You Can’t. Not powerful, but persistent. Continue reading “You’ve got to keep your dignity intact”