You’ve got to keep your dignity intact


I used to see a therapist — each week for a few months. Over the course of our sessions, we agreed I most likely suffered from something called Dysthymia. The purpose of the meetings wasn’t a diagnosis, but it was a good way to summarize what I was dealing with. If depression is a freight train…
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A Competent Dad? I Don’t Understand


General Mills recently released a video promoting their new Peanut Butter Cheerios. Here’s what I like about it: Dad is portrayed as something other than a bumbling buffoon. It shows dad playing a role in the morning routine. Without saying it, General Mills acknowledges dads are making more and more of the buying decisions in the household….
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Why Everyone Else is Wrong About Net Neutrality but Me

net neutrality

The most common analogy I’ve seen discussing net neutrality is a highway — and it’s a more appropriate comparison than you may realize. Net neutrality currently requires ISPs to treat all Internet highway travel equally; they can’t charge you extra based on where you’re going. They can charge you more to use their 75 MPH highway — as opposed…
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12 Language Lessons from “Weird Al” Yankovic


I dabbled in the fandom of “Weird Al” Yankovic as a child. I even had one of his cassette tapes. But I don’t think at the time I fully appreciated his genius. Then he released this video: And it’s beautiful. So here’s a summary of the language, grammar, and orthology lessons from Mr. Yankovic: Less vs….
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The Joys of Netflixhood


The first Facebook post below comes from an old high school friend of mine. The second comes from an old college friend. They don’t know each other, but they’re similar people. They’re about the same age. Both are from the east coast. Both are passionate about music (more so, maybe, than any other two people…
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A Sluice, Obviously


Here’s the gist of this article I came across. There was a news report that used the word clyse. The question that obviously comes to mind is: what’s a clyse? Well, the author explains: … it is a local/regional word that means the same as clow. Um. Okay. What’s a clow? Luckily, the author explains: … would appear…
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Grand Teton Relay Race 2014


What’s the point in pushing through the blisters, the shin splints, and the fatigue, if all you get to see is your neighbor’s front yard or your home town’s main street? Why bother running on city roads and on level ground, by yourself? The Grand Teton Relay is for those who would rather run through…
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Define Your Prime


Do you know how many stories there are of people who work hard every day, who never give up, and still don’t accomplish anything? None. Good things come to those who go out and earn it. Don’t be limited by your past, satisfied with your present, or uncertain about your future. Define your prime.

Make It Home


Your journey is different than anyone else’s. It has its own sunrise, its own storms. It has stretches of manicured paths and miles of untamed wilderness. But while the journey is different, everyone’s destination is the same. You want to make it home. You’re driven to create a place of confidence, trust, stability. You want…
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